Monday, December 28, 2009

Prince LionHeart Strollers Connectors

Unlike the ones I saw in the website which are white
These ones are black
Mayb these are their new stocks
Black is definitely way better

Here they are..used them to connect the ILYs
DH didn't position the connectors as per the instruction
He felt it could be done this way too

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Bugaboo Bee Plus

The all new bugaboo bee plus stroller is truly awesome! (also known as the bugaboo bee + stroller). With so many changes and improvements over the original bee, I'm actually surprised bugaboo decided on keeping the name of the stroller the same! The new bee plus is completely changed! See Below for more details
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The compact yet complete bugaboo stroller made for life on the fly
Compact one-piece foldable design
Reversible seat reclines in 3 positions; extends as child grows
Height-adjustable backrest,
sun canopy and 5-point harness in one motion
Height-adjustable handlebar
4-wheel independent suspension
Durable foam-filled tires
Urban terrain
Suitable for infants to toddlers
Accommodates baby cocoon for newborns
Car seat adaptable
Small profile for nimble maneuverability
Run an errand. Jump in a cab. Go buzz around.
What you get:
Chassis with wheels
Seat unitunder seat basket
Sun canopy clamps and wires
Rain cover
User guide
Two-year warranty

Whats Brand New with the Bugaboo Bee Plus Stroller.
seat reversing system
The all new bugaboo bee plus features a circular joint system that allows a safe and easy way to lift and slide the bee plus seat so the child can face the parent or face the world. Its a simple close, lift and reverse, slide back in and open
Adjustable Fit
The new bugaboo bee plus stroller has a height-adjustable backrest, sun canopy and 5-point harness to grow with the child from infant to toddler. The bugaboo bee plus seat adjusts to 4 height positions from 20 inches to 23.2 inches. Its truly a stroller that grows with your child!
Whats improved on the Bugaboo Bee Plus Stroller?
backrest shape
The new bugaboo bee plus stroller features a new ergonomically shaped backrest with a natural sitting position for better comfort of the child.
sun canopy
The Bugaboo Bee Plus stroller features a new shaped sun canopy which provides extra space for growing toddlers.Bugaboo Bee+ sun canopy clamps added for quick and easy removalBugaboo Bee+ sun canopy now available as a separate accessory. So you can purchase more than one color to spice it up!
seat width
The bugaboo bee plus stroller has a wider seat for a child to sit more comfortably.
The bottom of bee plus backrest is 1.5 inches wider
The front of bee plus seat is 2.3 inches wider
seat fabric
The new bugaboo bee plus offers streamlined design with simple padding to ensure a more comfortable seat and smaller side flaps for more space to move chassis.
The width increased by 0.6 inches improves stability and provides more room for the child.
The all new bugaboo bee plus offers better driving performance due to new rubber material and a broader ridge.
The Bee Plus boasts signature Bugaboo open star wheel design suspension and less rigid springs for better driving performance through all ages.
The bee + also offers shorter springs for better maneuverability.
brake mechanism
The bugaboo bee plus has a greatly improved braking system. (I guess after the recall, bugaboo worked extra hard to get this right!)
- optimized internal bearing
- optimized tolerances on brake rod
- enlarged hole for brake rod
- stiffened rear wheel fork
height-adjustable handlebar
The bugaboo bee plus stroller has an impressive 10 fixed height settings to keep the handlebar secure and prevent sliding.
folding locks
The bugaboo bee plus has redesigned locks for intuitive use and easy folding.

minor bugaboo bee plus modifications
The all new bugaboo bee plus stroller will only have 3 recline positions instead of 4.
There is no longer a carry handle on the bugaboo bee plus that has been removed from the design.
what hasn’t changed
The bugaboo bee plus is suitable from birth up to 37.5 lbs
The bugaboo bee plus stroller weight: +/- 17.5 lbs
The bugaboo bee plus underseat basket: 4.2 gal
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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Olives and Applesauce

Olives and Applesauce is a soft-structured carrier available as a full-buckle, half-buckle, or mei-tai style carrier.
Shoulder straps: are straight and lightly
Waist belt: is padded and slightly
contoured; the padding is one continuous piece that spans the waist band and then a second piece that spans just the body width for added support. It is a soft moldable padding the conforms to the wearer when it warms.
Body shape: The carrier body is a rectangular shape.
Sleeping hood: There is a stuffable
sleeping hood that attaches to the shoulder straps with poly resin snaps.
Seat darts: Both sizes of the full buckle and half buckle carrier have
seat darts as do the custom Mei Tais.
Buckle options available: Both half and full buckle options are available as in-stocks and custom orders. Waist buckles are
dual adjustable, shoulder buckles are single adjustable with the female buckle being attached to the strap end.
Extras: Stuffable hood that creates a
pocket, elastic bands to roll up webbing and elastic band to roll up carrier when not in use. Leg padding and seat darts are standard on all carriers. Can be purchased with matching bag, pockets and/or toy loops on request.
Fabrics available: For both strap and body, canvas, brushed canvas, denim, twill, hemp corduroy and cotton corduroy. For the body panels; any of the strap materials in addition to silks or cottons.
Shoulder straps:
Straps are a standard 17-17 1/4 inches long on all stock carriers. They can be requested longer or shorter for a custom order. They are 3 1/2-3 1/4 inches wide.
Waist straps: Waist belt is approx. 24 inches lone and 4 inches tall. Padding is 1/2 inch thick in the mid section of the carrier and 1/4 inch thick at each end. Waist webbing is approx. 12-14 inches long at each end and can be made longer upon request.
Body size:There are currently two sizes of carrier. Both sizes are 16 inches wide at the top and bottom of the carrier. The standard size carrier is 16 inches tall not including the waist band and best fits children from 4-5 months until approx. 18 months. The extended size measures 18 inches not including the waist band and is best suited for children over 18 months of age

Olives and Applesauce was developed by
Caren Burnett and distributed exclusively by Olives and Applesauce

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Celebrities Children on Strollers & Carriers - Part 7

Julianna Margulies
Stroller: Bogaboo Cammy
Seal pushes an Easy Walker QTRO in red
Stroller: Mylo

Actor Cam Gignadet of Twilight
carry his little girl in a Little Star Baby Sling in city black.

Sarah Jessica Parker

Saturday, December 19, 2009

TextHook – The Ultimate Smartphone Holder

Text Hook is a smartphone holder which allows you to conveniently secure your phone to most handlebars. By using this holder, you do not need to fumble with your phone and can keep two hands on the handlebar at all times. There are holders for your water, holders for your shopping bags, and now a holder for your smartphone. As responsible parents of toddlers, we take pride in providing a safe environment for children. Please use responsibly and do not text/e-mail while in motion

The ultimate smartphone holder for your active lifestyle, texthookTM allows you to stay in touch while on the go.
The patent-pending design tightly secures your smartphone while still providing access to the touchscreen or keyboard. With the touch of a finger, you can text, talk or e-mail, while exercising, shopping and more.
With an easy strap-on design, texthookTM quickly fastens to the handlebar of your stroller, exercise equipment, shopping cart or bicycle.
Lightweight and durable, the texthookTM can remain strapped to one handlebar or can be attached and removed repeatedly throughout your busy day.
Inserting and removing your smartphone is effortless with one simple sliding motion. The cradle rotates 180° so you can view your phone from any angle.

Beco Mini - Play Baby Carrier for Kids

The Beco Mini is an adorable miniature baby carrier for kids. Now they can be part of the action and carry their stuffed animals and baby dolls just like Mama and Daddy carry a real baby! Perfect for helping your older child adjust to a new baby, or for those children who simply love their toys and dollies and want to take them everywhere.
The Beco Mini can do a front carry, back carry and even a hip carry. It is a simplified version of the actual Beco carrier for adults, with beautiful prints and high-quality details. There is no insert, just unbuckle the straps, bring them over your child's shoulders and cross them, then bring back around under the arms to the starting side (front or back) and buckle. Easy, fun and comfortable!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

About Wearing your baby

Benefits of Wearing your Baby
Carried babies cry less—
Research has shown that babies that are carried, on average, cry 43% less overall and 54% less during the evening hours.

Carried babies learn more
Sling babies spend more time in the quiet alert state, this is the state where babies learn about their world.

Carrying your baby helps you to reconnect
after a long day of work or activities, while still getting your evening tasks completed.

Carried babies are emotionally healthier
they are more likely to trust and be attached to their caregivers, and they often become independent at an earlier
5 Reasons to Wear Your Baby
Wearing your baby is convenient.
When you wear your baby, you are free to move without having to negotiate a stroller or carry a heavy car seat. Slings also serve as blankets, cushions, and as clothing!
Baby carriers allow for discreet breastfeeding on the go.
This makes breastfeeding easier for you and allows you to stay out of the house for more than 1.5 hours at a time with your newborn.
Wearing a baby is better for your body.
Carriers distribute weight across your body, making it much more comfortable than a baby in your arms. Plus, most carriers can be used for up to 35-40 lbs!
Wearing your baby helps to soothe fussiness, colic, and reflux.
Some babies want to constantly be on the move, some spit up if not in an upright position, and some want to be held constantly. By using a carrier, you can meet all of these needs with ease and comfort.
Babywearing promotes bonding.
Wearing a baby fosters trust and attachment. A baby’s needs that are met promptly now will be more secure later. Also, since anyone can wear your baby, you can share the bonding experience!
Babywearing is good exercise.
Most new parents have a hard time finding time to exercise. Wearing your baby while walking adds additional weight and usually results in a nap for the baby!
Keys to baby wearing success:
1. Be sure baby is well-rested and well-fed before trying to use a new carrier.

2. Practice with a stuffed animal or baby doll before putting your child into a new carrier so you are comfortable with how to use it.

3. Once your baby is in the carrier, start moving. Go for a walk, talk to the baby, pat them on their back and reassure them that being in a carrier is a good thing.

4. Try to find other experienced baby wearers to help trouble shoot with you if you feel the carrier isn’t working for you.

5. Try different carries before giving up. When I first got a sling, I tried a cradle carry with my son and he hated it. I almost gave up, but someone showed me a kangaroo carry, which my son loved. Babies prefer different positions, so keep trying until you find what works for you and your child.

6. Wearing your baby shouldn’t cause discomfort. If you aren’t comfortable, seek assistance. Remember, baby wearing should be a fun and comfortable way to carry your baby.

7. Although your baby may look uncomfortable to you, babies love to be scrunched up. It reminds them of being in the womb. If your baby is uncomfortable, they will let you know!
8. Always use common sense when baby wearing. If you wouldn’t perform an activity while holding your baby, don’t do so while wearing your baby.

Baby Carrier Safety
Below you will find some general tips for safe use any baby carrier, baby sling, baby wrap, mei tai or other carrier. Please always refer to the instructions provided with your baby carrier for proper use of that particular carrier.
1. When putting your baby in the carrier, be sure you are standing in a safe place. Use the same common sense about choosing a place to tie on your baby as you would about choosing a place to stop to tie your shoes. For example, you would not stop in the middle of a busy walkway or parking lot to bend over and tie your shoes. Do not tie your baby carrier there, either.

2. Be sure there are not straps or other parts of your carrier that dangle lower than your bottom. Tuck them in. Loose ends can cause you to trip. Dangling cloth, whether from a baby carrier or from a blouse, could catch on fire while you cook. Use common sense!

3. Be careful not to bump baby's head on anything. It is possible to bump baby's head whether using a sling or carrying baby in your arms. Be especially careful of doorways when carrying baby on your hip or back.

4. Trust your instincts. If you feel that the baby is not secure, try again. Read the instructions again. If you can't figure out what you are doing wrong, check out online resources or get help from an experienced babywearer.

5. Have another adult help you when learning a new carry position or using a new carrier. Have your helper double check your work to be sure you followed the instructions correctly. Have your helper inspect the carrier to see if there is any way for the baby to slip.

6. Practice each new carrying position with a doll or teddy bear until you are really good at it. Only then should you try it with your child. And even then, if it's a back carry, go ahead and kneel on a soft surface. And check your work when you're done. And have another adult help you the first few times.

7. If you have a newborn (especially a preemie), check the baby’s chin and ensure it isn't touching his/her chest as this can cut off air supply. Generally a baby will tell you if s/he are uncomfortable, but this isn't always the case so be sure to visually check on your baby periodically.

8. Do not cover the baby's head with any cloth that shouldn't be used to cover a baby's head.

9. Use Common Sense. This list does not, and cannot possibly include warnings about all the possible silly things a person might absent-mindedly do!

3 Most Common Mistakes: Baby-Wearing

What the three most common mistakes parents make when using baby slings or carriers?
Expert: Laurel McCarthy, creator of and baby-wearer.

1. Giving Up Too Easily
Many people get a carrier as a shower gift. They may try it once or twice and it doesn't feel comfortable for them or they feel like the baby's not comfortable in it, so they give up and think, "I'm just not a sling person." When moms feel this way it's usually because they were using the carrier incorrectly or they didn't spend a little time practicing with the carrier before putting the baby in it. When you get a carrier, you should take time to read the instructions. It sounds basic, but most people don't do it. It can also help to practice first with a doll or stuffed animal. That way you feel confident with what you're doing before you put the baby in and the baby starts crying and you feel panicked. A lot of people also make the mistake of starting out using a cradle carry, where the baby is low and across the stomach. That's a carry that most babies don't like and it's not the safest option either. Most babies prefer a tummy-to-tummy carry, meaning that they're upright with their head on your chest. So, try different positions and don't just assume that this horizontal, flat carry will be the best. A good bet is to try a position that mimics how you usually hold your baby. Babies also need time to get used to a sling. They really like gentle motion, so when you put the baby in the carrier, walk around or sway. That can help you both adjust.

2. Size Matters
The second mistake that I often see is that people buy a carrier that's too big or wear an adjustable carrier too loosely. That is almost universally the problem when people tell me that a carrier isn't working for them. Buying a carrier is not like buying a T-shirt, when if you're not sure that a medium is going to fit you, you just get the large. With carriers, you really need to get one that fits. When you wear a carrier too loosely, the baby doesn't feel secure. It's not safe. When a baby is in a carrier, he should feel as snug as if you were holding him. An oversized carrier is also ergonomically bad for your body. A properly used carrier should distribute the weight across your back. You should be using your core muscle to hold the weight. If a carrier is pulling on your neck and shoulders, you're either using it wrong or it's the wrong size. If you're not sure about this, find a
baby-wearing group in your area and ask someone there for help. You can also

3. Not Looking Beyond Bjorn
The Baby Bjorn-style carrier is probably the best-known and most available type. It serves a lot of parents really well, but it has its limitations. First of all, the Baby Bjorn is only for infants up to fifteen pounds or so, which gives people the impression that carrying is for really small babies. However, there are many carriers that can be used from newborn to toddler. I carry my four-year-old still and with the pouch I have. It's very comfortable. Also, the Baby Bjorn is only a front carrier. You can wear the baby facing out or in, but you can't do any other types of carries, like back or side. The other thing about that type of carrier is that they're not very snuggly. A baby's legs are spread apart, which most newborns do not like, and they're more strapped to you than snuggled. Different carriers are good for different things. The Bjorn is great if you want to be active, go hiking, walk around a city, but a ring carrier or a sling is better if you're looking to soothe or snuggle. There are a variety of carriers out there that can do more and can last you longer, so it's good to think about what you will use the carrier for, and buy the one best suited to that purpose.
As told to Lindsay Armstrong.

Celebrities Childrren on Strollers - Part 6

The Naked Chef aka Jamie Oliver
Stroller: In a polka dotted chic stroller by Maclaren.
And this isn’t just any stroller, it’s one of their designer series.
The Cath Kidston Quest Red Spot buggy is retro, cool and vibrant.
Stroller: MacLaren XT Black on Black (BOB)

Carrier: Chicco Smart Support Backpack in Red.

Jason Bateman’s three year old daughter Francesca
Stroller: Triumph Stroller by MacLaren in gray.
Stroller: Peg Perego Skate in Mandarin with custom flames by Mamas and Papas

Mark Wahlberg and Rhea Durham

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

ERGO Baby Sucking Pads: Sucky name, perfect design

100% cotton terry cloth
Velcro attaches the pad around the shoulder strap of the carrier
machine washable, gentle cycle

So, the name "ERGOBaby Sucking Pads" leaves a little something to bedesired – But it says it all. And the product is something babywearing mamas have needed for a longtime. It’s a simple concept, really: 100% cottonterry cloth bands that Velcro around your ERGObabycarrier straps so that baby will always have something clean to suck on.
Every mama who has worn her baby knows that as soon as they’re old enough, they’ll start sucking on whatever bits of carrier they have access to. All the toys in the world aren’t going to distract them from those nice cloth straps positioned right at mouth level. So now we can protect our carriers and ensure that ourbabies are always sucking on something that’s clean(provided we remember to wash the Sucking Pads, that is!).

Available in two subtle colors – Mocha or Cream – theSucking Pads come in a package of two and can be used on any soft structured carrier. They’re evenreversible!
The Sucking Pads are inexpensive, unobtrusive, and so easy to use.
They’re both deliciously soft and lovely.
Putting them on is a breeze — two seconds
(you literally just Velcro them around your straps) and we are ready to go.
Awkward name, aside, the ERGObaby Sucking Pads are wonderful! because now we have something to cover up the little stains left on the straps from when our child suck on them!
By CBB Guest Reviewer: Stephanie

Monday, December 14, 2009

Na Zha Gun Stroller By Shi Jinsong

And to think that just a few weeks ago,
we were getting all worried about a few stroller fingertip amputations.

In 2006, the Chinese sculptor/new dad Shi Jinsong showed Na Zha Baby Boutique, an "outrageously unsafe line of baby products" named after Na Zha [or Ne Zha, 哪吒] a troublemaking man-child Chinese deity who is now the god of lotteries.The original collection featured baroque strollers, a carriage, a walker, and other toys made out of Kung Fu-Klingon-style curved knives.
For this season, Shi has upgraded the Na Zha firepower, illustrating the difference between unsafe and deadly:
now everything's outfitted with machine guns and rocket launchers.
Designboom snapped a full gallery of Shi's latest baby gear arsenal at a survey exhibition of Chinese contemporary art at Palazzo Real in Milan. It all falls somewhere between Giger, The Matrix, and Alien vs. Predator Meet Jason.
And surely everything but the babywalker's JPMA certified.
Gun shape baby stroller

shi jinsong gun shape baby cradle

Gun shape baby walker

Here featured work is part of the series 'na zha', a sort of brand name for an outrageously unsafe line of baby products. meticulously assembled in stainless steel from intricate mechanical drawings, they include a deadly carriage; a sadistic cradle; a sinister walker; and a malicious, multi-part toy complete with needle-tipped pacifiers and dismembering abacus. baby boutique confronts its 'shopper' with a radically strange and seductive 'product', lethal luxury designed to reveal the forces that dominate our lives in unimaginable waysin the work 'ne zha' it appears in the disguise of being protective, consoling and decorative, but its details betray its true function of weapon. it indicates the highest degree of ambiguity in one’s temperament. it presents and represents. it invites and refuses.

Shi Jinsongwas born in Danyang county, Hubei province in 1969, he enrolled at the Hubei Academy of Fine Arts in 1994, majoring in sculpture and mastering a gamut of traditional techniques.Under the influence of three powerful stimuli - radical socio-cultural change in china;a reading of foucault's madness and civilization; and the birth of his first daughter -the artist began to investigate ideas of transformation and control. he lives and works in wuhan and Beijing, China.