Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Yaz's White on Black Quinny Zapp

Here's the box.
Sorry ladies..I treasure the box as well
It's a really a cute box
Could it be the smallest stroller box in the market?
Goes without saying how compact & small the Zapp it when folded

The word 'WHITE' on the box.
I've been dreaming to see this.
Elva..the owner of BabyHut made it come true
Thanks El!

This is what I saw when I opened the box.
Ordered the Quinny Zapp shopping basket as well.
Elva has put it together with the Zapp.

The hood,the shopping basket,the bag,MC adaptors.

Quinny Zapp bag

Quinny Zapp Shopping Basket

My son Harraz on it

Harraz looking out from the peekaboo window

Without the hood

Top view with the hood on

Back view without hood

Front view

The Hood
Side view
Close up from inside the hood

The harness

The feet rest

The lower part the Quinny Zapp
The black frame,wheels, shopping basket
The wheels are simply gorgeous!!!

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